Carving out an enviable reputation across the globe for his distinctive and highly personal brand of House music, Kiko Navarro's voyage of sonic discovery has been going strong for almost three decades now. From London to the Far East, Kiko has travelled far and wide with his music, embracing sounds from each continent as he goes. Kiko's new album, Afroterraneo- also named after his music label- defines the sound of his home. The album incorporates sounds touched by the Mediterranean Sea, drawing influences from Europe, Africa and his roots in the Balearic Islands. Afroterraneo is all about fusion. It includes Afro-Cuban songs like "Okere", "Karabali" and "Ekobio Monina", Midwest-African flavour on "Ihabogi Rawaly" and "Beréde", Flamenco with "La Fatiga", Balearic emotions with maestro Joan Bibiloni on "El Salto Del Martin" and "Vida", South African vibes on "Olwakhuthando", Afro Mbira lines with European TB303 acid blips on "Cacao Ceremony" and it all ends with his own tribute to his mother on "Para Mama". Born on Mallorca, Kiko's sound reflects the sun-drenched, slow living atmosphere of the Balearic island he still calls home. Obsessed from an early age with the more soulful side of US House music, Navarro's DJ skills soon attracted the attention of nightlife behemoth Pacha who offered him club residencies both in Palma and in Ibiza. Next came a monthly gig at Space Ibiza and the rest, as they say, is history. A true Renaissance Man; now also a family man, today's Kiko Navarro is perhaps even more focused and dedicated to his life in music than ever before. An album tour this year will see him play DJ sets in Italy, Bulgaria, Macedonia, Greece, Japan, South Korea, China with many more to be confirmed. Whether in the studio crafting records or in the club controlling the dance-floor, Kiko's musical mission has become the habit of a lifetime.