It's your record. You discovered it. You didn't make it, but u found it and brought it back from the dead. No-one else knows about it- it's yours. You love it for the feeling it conjures. You just know what it'll do to them. You saved it for tonight. This is the perfect crowd to play it to. It'll have them in bits. The atmosphere in here is starting to crackle. You've brought them up slowly over the last hour, now your're finally mixing it in. It's 30 years old but for everyone in this room it's a brand new tune. As it starts you notice a few people look up,they can tell it's something special. And it sounds so great on this system. The percussion kicks of, that brilliant chakk-chakk noise. It's like an invitation. That little lick of guitars and horns. And than the bassline. Devastating! ThuuuuNNNGling! - into your chest. And the melody. It's started. It's here People going crazy now- jumping, whistling. You look around. Everyone is smiling at their friends, smiling at you. - Bill Brewster & Frank Broughton " The Record Players"