"One of the big labels to keep the flag of UK funk and soul flying high worldwide", Craig Charles, BBC 6 Music. One of the UK's leading funk and soul labels, Jalapeno Records, celebrates its 20th anniversary with the release of a compilation album box set, Two Decades of Funk Fire, showcasing highlights from the label's illustrious 20 year history. The compilation will be released as a 7 inch box set, 20 track digital compilation and CD on November 27, 2020. "I love Jalapeno Records! One of the big labels to keep the flag of UK funk and soul flying high worldwide. Lively, colourful, and engagingly irreverent are the essential ingredients going into a classic Jalapeno release. Throw into the pot their perfect taste in who they sign and the support they provide to developing their artists and that is why, year after year, they have been responsible for releasing some of the biggest forward thinking funk and soul tunes around from a whole host of outstanding artists such as Smoove & Turrell, The Allergies, Skeewiff, Flevans and many many more! Thankyou Jalapeno for doing what you do so well!", Craig Charles, Craig Charles Funk and Soul Show, BBC 6 Music From huge album releases by the legendary nu-disco crew Kraak & Smaak to the gospel-infused blues of Izo FitzRoy, to the crisp hip-hop breaks from fun-loving showstoppers The Allergies, to the northern soul of Smoove & Turrell, since its inception in 2000, Jalapeno Records has grown into a label which defies pigeon-holing. To date, Jalapeno has clocked up over 350 releases from 53 acts, 64 feature artists, 330 remixes, 50 albums, 34 compilations, and spawned four sub-labels. A regular live touring schedule and countless Jalapeno Sound System DJ sets at festivals (they have played every Glastonbury since 2006) have all helped cement their reputation in their 20th year as one of the most important independent labels in British music today. 2020 has been the most successful year yet for the Brighton based independent. While other labels halted release schedules due to the pandemic, Jalapeno has celebrated a No.1 album in the Official Dance Music Charts (Smoove and Turrell's Stratos Bleu) and had their most prolific period to date, with album releases from The Allergies, Izo FitzRoy, Flevans and ephemerals amongst others. "Over the years Jalapeno has consistently attracted and released artists that made the difference in the global musical realm that is funk, soul, disco and electronic music. I think we have been very lucky to have come on board early and made this journey with them. Here's to another 20 years chock full of great music, cheers!" - Kraak and Smaak. The label is run by Trevor McNamee. Having cut his teeth at BMG, Trevor worked the ranks through Polydor, Jive Records (as Label Manager), then back to BMG (as Marketing Manager), before joining label partners Elliot Ireland and Alex Rizzo (friends from Brighton in the 90s) at Jalapeno Records in 2001. McNamee has since become sole owner of the label while Ireland and Rizzo have gone on to concentrate on making music and production for their library label Pedigree Cuts. Trevor McNamee says, "Reaching 20 years in any business is an achievement but in one that has changed as many times as this industry has, still being here and keeping us and our artists from having to do proper jobs feels special. Although I had a lot of experience working at major labels, Jalapeno has offered me the chance to do what I do for the love of it, and that has never really changed. At Jalapeno we sign artists based on whether we dig them, rather than whether we think they will sell huge numbers. It's always nice when they do make money though! Seeing our artists getting serious support on national radio in the UK and around the world or getting chart success after years of building a fanbase organically makes the long haul worthwhile." One of the McNamee's signatures at the label has been to put the label's artists first by giving them artist freedom and creative control. Label deals are a 50:50 split with artists on relatively short deals so they can leave if they want to – but very few do. "Jalapeno Records are standing head and shoulders above other independent labels. They give us the creative freedom to express ourselves, which is why we have been with them for over ten years!" – Smoove and Turrell. McNamee continues, "When an artist has a clear idea of what they want to do then I try to meddle as little as possible. Many of our artists prefer the first time we hear an album to be when its finished – with no tinkering. And that's fine – I wouldn't have signed them or given them that creative freedom if they hadn't proved they were due it." One of McNamee's contributions to the label was the early digitisation of Jalapeno's substantial back catalogue and success in securing major Hollywood syncs and TV ads. Music from the label has soundtracked ads for Nike , VW, Toyota, Orange, Renault, Honda, Sky and many smaller brands. Greys Anatomy was an early and important sync success for the label but since then many TV shows worldwide have used Jalapeno music. "What we do really seems to work for sync" continues McNamee "and as we are not generally chasing chart success, achieving in this area for our artists and writers can be the difference between making a living from music or not. For the future we want to continue providing a home for the great roster we have and continue to add to it when the right artists come along. " After an extremely busy year of album releases in 2020 Jalapeno Records already has albums lined up for 2021 from Gizelle Smith and The Allergies - there's no slowing down! "Jalapeno Records have been prime instigators of the UK funk and soul scene for the last 20 years and I've been proud to be a small part of the past few. Here's to many more decades. " – Izo FitzRoy.

A MAJOR EXPLORATION OF TOKYO'S CUTTING EDGE 80S SOUND THROUGH THE MUSIC OF CULT JAPANESE LABEL NIPPON COLUMBIA AND ITS BETTER DAYS IMPRINT, SELECTED BY BRITISH RADIO PRESENTER AND DJ NICK LUSCOMBE. ‘Tokyo Dreaming’ is a superb selection picked from the highly collectible Nippon Columbia label and its Better Days sub-label. For the occasion, we’ve teamed up with journalist and Japanese music expert Nick Luscombe who was granted rare access to the much-guarded Nippon Columbia's vaults for a masterful selection encapsulating the fascinating sound of Tokyo in the late 70s and 80s. The selection mixes electro, synth-pop, funk and ambient and features such artists as Ryuichi Sakamoto, Mariah, Shigeo Sekito, Juicy Fruits, Hitomi "Penny" Tohyama and Yumi Murata. The tracklist includes many sought-after rarities and hidden gems which have never been released outside of Japan and the set has been newly remastered by Nippon Columbia. The album has been designed by famed London-based designer Optigram and is annotated by Nick. Nippon Columbia, one of Japan's oldest music labels is also one of its most collectible thanks to its sub-label Better Days which, in the late 70s, became a hotbed for Tokyo's new generation of pop artists eager to experiment with ambient, electro and funk. Armed with a string of new Japanese-made synthesizers and drum machines that would soon take the world by storm, they made cutting-edge music, which has since become highly sought-after by a new generation of Japanese music lovers. Nick Luscombe, who has long been a leading advocate of Japanese music from this era, has handpicked a selection of some of the sharpest music released on these labels at the time. According to Nick, “Tokyo Dreaming is a look back to an incredible era of Japanese music, that still sounds and feels like the future. It was a moment when brand-new music tech from Japan helped forge new ideas and experiments that permeated pop, soul and jazz and helped create new forms of music including electro and techno. The perfect meeting point that would help create a new soundtrack for modern living.“ ?The selection starts with "The End of Asia" by Ryuichi Sakamoto from his 1978 ground-breaking debut "Thousand Knives Of" (reissued last year by Wewantsounds). The track became a staple of Sakamoto's and YMO's live shows and was even re-recorded by the group for their 1980 album 'X Multiplies'. The track is followed by Mariah's cult Armenian folk flavoured synth pop classic "Shinzo No Tobira" (1983), which first spread outside of Japan when the Scottish DJ duo Optimo started playing the track regularly at their shows. ?Chika Asamoto's "Self Control" (1988) and Jun Fukamachi's "Treasure Hunter" (1985) are perfect songs in the synth-pop canon, while Yumi Murata's rendition of Akiko Yano's "Watashi No Bus" and Hitomi "Penny" Tohyama's "Rainy Driver" both from 1981, move closer towards the slicker, funkier sound of City Pop. ?'Tokyo Dreaming' superbly showcases the breadth of 80s Japanese music and the way electro pop was a playing ground for musicians to experiment with many styles, as showcased by Akira Sakata's dub-enfused "Room" from 1980, Kazumi Watanabe's discoid "Tokyo Joe" (1980) and Juicy Fruits' "kawai" robotic Techno pop song "Jenie Gets Angry". ?The selection flows effortlessly between many shades of synth and ends with two cult classics in the form of Yasuaki Shimizu's "Semi Tori No Hi" and Shigeo Sekito's ambient-jazz masterpiece "The Word II" from his highly sought-after album "Kareinaru Electone (The Word) Vol.2" which, although recorded in 1975, perfectly announces the synth revolution to come. Tokyo Dreaming showcases the groundbreaking sounds of a city turned giant sonic lab which was restlessly inventing the music of the future. Nick Luscombe is a highly respected and in-demand music influencer who discovers great music from all over the world and shares it internationally through his many radio shows and DJ sets. He has been in charge of music selection for various radio programs since 1999, and from 2010 - 2019, was the DJ for the popular BBC Radio music program "Late Junction”. He has also curated and presented music shows for Monocle and British Airways radio stations. He has worked as both Chief Music Editor at iTunes and Director of Music at London’s Institute of Contemporary Art, and is the founder of MSCTY.

Mit „«Keep Your Love Loud»„ veröffentlicht die Schweizer Bandfamilie ihr drittes Album, und dieses hat es in sich. Zu feissen Gitarrenbrettern, Riffs, Riffs, Riffs und Stimmlagen in Paradieshöhe gesellen sich nämlich unter anderem auch Discodrum und Darbuka dazu. «Lago mio!», kräht es dementsprechend aus dem Bauch, sobald die Nadel auf die Platte gesetzt wird: Da sprudeln die Glücksgefühle! Frisch und frivol klingt das Soundbild, ohne den Taste für Traditionen zu verlieren. Noch bevor auf die Details eingegangen werden kann, fällt bereits als Dachmerkmal die Produktion auf: Die Schlagzeugspuren klingen fett und wuchtig, der Bass knarzt mit ordentlichem Growl, und die Gitarrenlicks kommen einerseits warm sowie wikingerstark daher, andererseits verzahnen sie sich glasklar bei den herrlich korrelierenden Achtel- und Sechzehntelnoten-Riffs. Jazzausbildung, Zimmermannskraft, Medizinkenntnisse und Raketenwissenschaften bilden deren Backgrounds und erzählen Geschichten. Geschichten, die sich auch in den Lyrics wiederfinden, welche Themen behandeln, die Menschen beschäftigen: Fortgehen und Heimkommen, Schuldgefühle und innere Dämonen, Mutter Natur oder die Faszination für das Leben – hier gibt es viel zu hören! In der Summe ist „«Keep Your Love Loud»„ so zu einem eindrücklichen Stück Musik geworden. Dieses durchzuhören gleicht einem Rausch, analog dem Gefühl des Fliegens über die weiten Flächen der Südstaaten, irgendwo zwischen Adlern und Raketen, stylisch und sexy. Jenes Gefühl, das nur der Rock’n’Roll rauskitzeln kann, oder eben: „JACK SLAMER“ – flying high like an eagle in the sky.

In 2011, the French writer, Ingrid Astier met with the Hanak brothers, Frédéric and JB and expressed a desire to work with them. This came to be in 2013: when the two brothers and their band dDamage appear over in the pages of Ingrid Astier’s novel “Angle Mort” (dead corner), published by Gallimard. In 2014, Ingrid Astier publishes a new book, which stands out from the previous ones due to its poetic character and its alphabet form, “le petit éloge de la nuit” (the Little Praise of the Night), "a magnificent tribute to the power of the night" according to François Busnel. host and producer of La Grande Librairie on French television. The friendship story continues, and this time we see a double-page spread from the book entrusted to the two brothers. Immediately, the desire to bring “le petit éloge de la nuit” (the Little Praise of the Night), to music arose. Ingrid Astier then enabled the bridge between two extremely different worlds, and the improbable meeting between Pierre Richard and JB Hanak took place. In 2017, “le petit éloge de la nuit” (the Little Praise of the Night), was adapted to theater and had a successful run of more than fifty performances at the Rond-Point des Champs-Elysées theatre (Paris), a three-season tour in France, Switzerland, Belgium and Luxembourg, and finally a revival in June 2019 at La Scala in Paris. The three artists met again at the end of 2019, this time wanting to convert all their work into the album format. It will be “Nuit à jour” (Night to Day). Something more pop than their improvised concerts, more glam than their theatrical adaptation. JB Hanak is on guitar, bass, synth and rhythmic programming, consumed with a desire to reveal with each changing track a different facet of this imagined nocturnal universe. Ingrid Astier, is of course involved covering the direction of the actors as well as the writing of the lyrics, very much as would be found in the cinema. And then, there is Pierre Richard. At one moment a dreamer, the next a cowboy, suddenly Mafioso and then a nocturnal animal. Thinker, lover, philosopher, astronaut or sandman. Pierre Richard is an actor, an actor of immense presence confined too often to comic roles. “Nuit à Jour” offers him roles he has not had in the movies ... And it is breathtaking, both in its register and in a sense of deep renewal.

Als Bonobo 2013 einen Track der unbekannten Band Khruangbin für seine "Late Night Tales" aussuchte, konnte niemand ahnen, dass das Trio aus Houston kurze Zeit später mit seinem exotischen Sound zu internationalen Superstars avancieren würde. Direkt nach dem dritten Studioalbum "Mordechai" (Juni 2020) folgt nun ihre eigene Ausgabe in dieser Musikliebhaber-Serie. Khruangbins sonnendruchtränkte, lebensbejahende Selektion sprengt Grenzen und Kulturen, ihre Liebe für globale Grooves - von asiatischem Pop bis nigerianischem Reggae - ist durchdrungen von Eklektizismus und Soul. Nazia Hassans Hindi-Disco (produziert vom legendären Biddu) trifft auf die südkoreanische Rockband Sanulim, der Nigerianer Maxwell Udoh auf die Roha Band aus Äthiopien, die belarussische Formation Pesnyary auf Paloma San Brasilio aus Madrid. Khruangbin selbst fügen das obligatorisch-exklusive Cover hinzu, eine brilliante Version von Kool & The Gangs "Summer Madness". Die beiden befreundeten Houstoner Künstler Tierney Malone (Text) und Geoffrey Muller (Musik) beenden das Set mit einem Spoken Word-Stück, unterlegt mit einer atmosphärischen Banjo-Version von Eric Saties "Gnossienne". Hinreissend! "It’s cool to think about what you would listen to late at night, as a band together, lighting a spliff, kinda vibe. We definitely wanted to cover as much global territory as possible; so it was the globe and then home. We wanted to show the treasures from our hometown, or people from our hometown that the rest of the world probably doesn’t know. That’s what makes Khruangbin Khruangbin. The stubbornness about being so hometown-centric but what makes Houston is this this constant international influence. That’s that gulf stream, bringing it right into Houston. So I guess that’s kind of the theme." - Khruangbin 2xLP (unmixed) als 180g Virgin-Vinyl-Pressung mit allen 15 ausgespielten Tracks, audiophil auf halber Geschwindigkeit gemastered, im Gatefold mit antistatischen Innentaschen, plus Kunstdruck in 12" Größe, mit Download-Code zu allen Tracks (ausgespielt & als Mixset) im WAV- & MP3-Format.

„Arctic Monkeys - Live At The Royal Albert Hall“ wurde auf dem Benefizkonzert der Arctic Monkeys zugunsten von Warchild UK im Rahmen der "Tranquility Base Hotel + Casino"-Tour aufgenommen. Nun erscheinen die Live-Aufnahmen auf CD und LP und die Band spendet alle Erlöse aus deren Verkauf an die Wohltätigkeitsorganisation für Kinder, die von kriegerischen Konflikten betroffen sind. Die Arctic Monkeys erklären das Zustandekommen des Live-Albums so: "Am 7. Juni 2018 spielten wir eine ganz besondere Show in der Londoner Royal Albert Hall. Der gesamte Erlös dieses denkwürdigen Abends wurde War Child UK gespendet, um die lebenswichtige Arbeit zu unterstützen, die sie zum Schutz, zur Ausbildung und zur Rehabilitation von Kindern leisten, die das Trauma des Konflikts und die Schrecken des Krieges erlebt haben. Die Situation, die 2018 schon schlimm war, ist jetzt verzweifelt, und diese Kinder und ihre Familien brauchen unsere Hilfe mehr denn je. Damit War Child UK sein Finanzierungsdefizit abbauen und seine wertvolle Arbeit fortsetzen kann, freuen wir uns, dass wir jetzt ein Live-Album veröffentlichen können, das an jenem Abend in der Royal Albert Hall aufgenommen wurde. Alle Einnahmen gehen direkt an die Wohltätigkeitsorganisation. Wir danken allen unseren Fans im Voraus für ihre Unterstützung dieser Veröffentlichung und im Gegenzug für ihre Unterstützung von War Child UK." - Arctic Monkeys. Diese Liveaufnahme bietet 20 der besten Momente der Band von Klassikern bis zu den aktuellen Songs.

Der Sound der Band ist eine Symbiose aus Chuck Berry, Ike und Tina und AC/DC. Nikki Hills Gesang ist natürlich und nicht durch Studio-Perfektion poliert, sondern durch ständiges Touren; diese Art von gelebter, gefühlter Perfektion, die keine Quantisierung oder Tonhöhenkorrektur vortäuschen kann. Auf einem Album, das wie ein wunderbares Live-Set aufgebaut ist, bietet es den perfekten Soundtrack für den Abend. Heavy Hearts, Hard Fists", das zweite Album des Südstaaten Rock'n'Soul-Explosion Nikki Hill, erscheint am 4. Dezember auf Hound Gawd! Records. Als Punkrockerin und ehemalige Gospelchorsängerin, deren Seele auf der einen Seite für AC/DC und auf der anderen Seite für Aretha schlägt" (Okayplayer), gehen Nikki und ihre Band - darunter der mit dem Blues Music Award ausgezeichnete Ehemann/Gitarrist Matt Hill - mit einem tosenden Boogie hausieren, der die Liebe zu R&B und die Neigung eines Rebellen widerspiegelt. Einen Weg außerhalb der Norm zu schaffen und ihr eigenes Image zu prägen, ist für die Sängerin, Songwriterin und Bandleaderin Nikki Hill, die in Durham, North Carolina, aufgewachsen ist und in New Orleans lebt, eine Lebensaufgabe. Ihre ersten Erfahrungen als Sängerin machte Nikki Hill als Kind im Kirchenchor. Im Teenageralter führte die Neugierde Nikki schließlich dazu, die Kirchenbänke gegen Barhocker einzutauschen. Ihr Interesse an Musik explodierte in alle Richtungen, wobei ihr klar wurde, dass es eine Welt ohne Grenzen war. Hill erforschte von nun an die Rolle der schwarzen Frauen in dem, was später zum Rock'n'Roll wurde. Wenn Sie noch nicht von Nikki Hill gehört haben, werden Sie bald von ihr hören, und wenn Sie sie einmal gesehen haben, werden Sie sie nicht vergessen.