Ninja Tune veröffentlicht das heiß erwartete Debütalbum der Londoner Postpunk/Mathrock Band Black Country, New Road! Das Album, das Anfang des Jahres mit Andy Savours (My Bloody Valentine) aufgenommen und am Ende der landesweiten Ausgangssperre in Großbritannien fertiggestellt wurde, ist die perfekte Momentaufnahme einer neuen Band und all ihrer Energie, Wildheit und explosiven Ladung, die mit ihr einhergeht, während es gleichzeitig eindeutig die Arbeit einer Gruppe ist, die kein Interesse an Wiederholungen, eintönigem Songwriting oder kreativer Stagnation hat. Mit sechs neuen Songs, darunter Neuinterpretationen der frühen Titel „Sunglasses“ und „Athens, France“, ist „For The First Time“ eine akustische Zeitkapsel, die es irgendwie schafft, die Vergangenheit, die Gegenwart und die Zukunft einzufangen und gleichzeitig stattfinden zu lassen. Obwohl sie bisher nur diese beiden frühen Singles hatten, haben Black Country, New Road - ihren Namen ermittelten sie ursprünglich durch einen Zufallsgenerator - tiefen Eindruck bei Fans und Kritikerngleichermaßen hinterlassen. Sie wurden von The Quietus zur „besten Band der Welt“ erklärt, es hagelte glühende Kritiken von New York Times bis Guardian, es gab bereits ein Coverfeature bei Loud & Quiet, für BBC 6 Music spielten sie eine Live-Session, verkauften Shows im ganzen Land aus, darunter 1700 Karten in London, wurden auf Festivals in der ganzen Welt eingeladen - darunter Primavera und Glastonbury - und fanden sich auch schon im französischen Fernsehen zwischen Kim Gordon von Sonic Youth und Ed O'Brienvon Radiohead wieder.

Experience the exceedingly rare genius of an MF DOOM live performance with these exclusive “straight from the soundboard” audio recordings. Broadcasting from an undisclosed location, this limited-edition vinyl pressing of “Live From Planet X” offers fans a chance to own the most comprehensive glance into Doom’s lengthy career available. Debuting under the alias Zev Love X, DOOM first graced the world of hip-hop on the 3rd Bass single “The Gas Face.” A couple years later Zev re-emerged alongside his younger brother DJ Subroc, in New York’s legendary KMD. The group’s first album Mr. Hood was released in 1991 on Elektra Records but KMD was quickly dropped from the record label when, in the wake of Subroc being killed by a car, they returned in ‘93 with an unflinching attitude and an album titled “Bl_ck B_st_rds”. Deeply affected by his brother’s tragic death, while also carrying a grudge against the industry that screwed him, Zev disappeared from the rap scene for five years. It wasn’t until 1999, that Zev suddenly reemerged, face masked, as MF DOOM with his 1999 solo debut and underground classic “Operation: Doomsday”. Since then DOOM has completely reinvented the indie-rap landscape with a string of offbeat projects under an array of monikers: Metal Fingers, Viktor Vaughn, King Geedorah, Monsta Island Czars, Madvillain, DangerDOOM, NehruivanDOOM, and more. “Live From Planet X” includes over 50 minutes of live recordings spanning Operation Doomsday, Madvillain, MM...Food?, and more.

It was in Benin City, in the heart of Nigeria, that a new hybrid of intoxicating highlife music known as Edo Funk was born. It first emerged in the late 1970s when a group of musicians began to experiment with different ways of integrating elements from their native Edo culture and fusing them with new sound effects coming from West Africa´s night-clubs. Unlike the rather polished 1980´s Nigerian disco productions coming out of the international metropolis of Lagos Edo Funk was raw and reduced to its bare minimum. Someone was needed to channel this energy into a distinctive sound and Sir Victor Uwaifo appeared like a mad professor with his Joromi studio. Uwaifo took the skeletal structure of Edo music and relentless began fusing them with synthesizers, electric guitars and 80´s effect racks which resulted in some of the most outstanding Edo recordings ever made. An explosive spiced up brew with an odd psychedelic note known as Edo Funk. That‘s the sound you‘ll be discovering in the first volume of the Edo Funk Explosion series which focusses on the genre’s greatest originators; Osayomore Joseph, Akaba Man, and Sir Victor Uwaifo: Osayomore Joseph was one of the first musicians to bring the sound of the flute into the horn-dominated world of highlife, and his skills as a performer made him a fixture on the Lagos scene. When he returned to settle in Benin City in the mid 1970s – at the invitation of the royal family – he devoted himself to the modernisation and electrification of Edo music, using funk and Afro-beat as the building blocks for songs that weren’t afraid to call out government corruption or confront the dark legacy of Nigeria’s colonial past. Akaba Man was the philosopher king of Edo funk. Less overtly political than Osayomore Joseph and less psychedelic than Victor Uwaifo, he found the perfect medium for his message in the trance-like grooves of Edo funk. With pulsating rhythms awash in cosmic synth-fields and lyrics that express a deep personal vision, he found great success at the dawn of the 1980s as one of Benin City’s most persuasive ambassadors of funky highlife. Victor Uwaifo was already a star in Nigeria when he built the legendary Joromi studios in his hometown of Benin City in 1978. Using his unique guitar style as the mediating force between West-African highlife and the traditional rhythms and melodies of Edo music, he had scored several hits in the early seventies, but once he had his own sixteen-track facility he was able to pursue his obsession with the synesthetic possibilities of pure sound, adding squelchy synths, swirling organs and studio effects to hypnotic basslines and raw grooves. Between his own records and his production for other musicians, he quickly established himself as the godfather of Edo funk. What unites these diverse musicians is their ability to strip funk down to its primal essence and use it as the foundation for their own excursions inward to the heart of Edo culture and outward to the furthest limits of sonic alchemy. The twelve tracks on Edo Funk Explosion Volume 1 pulse with raw inspiration, mixing highlife horns, driving rhythms, day-glo keyboards and tripped-out guitars into a funk experience unlike any other. Double LP pressed on 140g virgin vinyl comes with a full color 20-pages booklet CD comes with a full color 36-pages booklet