In 2011, the French writer, Ingrid Astier met with the Hanak brothers, Frédéric and JB and expressed a desire to work with them. This came to be in 2013: when the two brothers and their band dDamage appear over in the pages of Ingrid Astier’s novel “Angle Mort” (dead corner), published by Gallimard. In 2014, Ingrid Astier publishes a new book, which stands out from the previous ones due to its poetic character and its alphabet form, “le petit éloge de la nuit” (the Little Praise of the Night), "a magnificent tribute to the power of the night" according to François Busnel. host and producer of La Grande Librairie on French television. The friendship story continues, and this time we see a double-page spread from the book entrusted to the two brothers. Immediately, the desire to bring “le petit éloge de la nuit” (the Little Praise of the Night), to music arose. Ingrid Astier then enabled the bridge between two extremely different worlds, and the improbable meeting between Pierre Richard and JB Hanak took place. In 2017, “le petit éloge de la nuit” (the Little Praise of the Night), was adapted to theater and had a successful run of more than fifty performances at the Rond-Point des Champs-Elysées theatre (Paris), a three-season tour in France, Switzerland, Belgium and Luxembourg, and finally a revival in June 2019 at La Scala in Paris. The three artists met again at the end of 2019, this time wanting to convert all their work into the album format. It will be “Nuit à jour” (Night to Day). Something more pop than their improvised concerts, more glam than their theatrical adaptation. JB Hanak is on guitar, bass, synth and rhythmic programming, consumed with a desire to reveal with each changing track a different facet of this imagined nocturnal universe. Ingrid Astier, is of course involved covering the direction of the actors as well as the writing of the lyrics, very much as would be found in the cinema. And then, there is Pierre Richard. At one moment a dreamer, the next a cowboy, suddenly Mafioso and then a nocturnal animal. Thinker, lover, philosopher, astronaut or sandman. Pierre Richard is an actor, an actor of immense presence confined too often to comic roles. “Nuit à Jour” offers him roles he has not had in the movies ... And it is breathtaking, both in its register and in a sense of deep renewal.

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01. Evidence
02. L'Appel de la Nuit
03. Datura
04. Le Reve
05. Evasion Volontaire
06. Abyssal
07. Nyctalope
08. Lune
09. Mise en Veille
10. Niphargus
11. L'Arme´e des Ombres
12. dDamage
13. Fleurs
14. Zoom
15. Cine´ma

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