Demon / Edsel veröffentlicht den 5 Alben umfassenden Katalog von Gene. Die Band orientierte sich musikalisch an The Smiths, The Jam oder The Faces. 10 Top 40-Hits in UK standen von 1995 bis 2001 zu Buche. Der Gesangsstil von Martin Rossiter wurde dabei oft mit dem von Morrissey verglichen.Die Band schuf mit dem im Original 1995 veröffentlichten Album 'Olympian' einen Brit-Pop-Klassiker, der neben hohen Charts-Notierungen drei erfolgreiche Singles abwarf. Gene wurden zu diesem Zeitpunkt auch als 'Best New Act' bei den NME Awards gewählt. Die luxuriös aufgemachte Box erscheint zum 25-jährigem Jubiläum des Debütalbums und enthält alle vier Studioalben sowie eine Best Of Compilation der Band. Alle fünf Alben (zwei davon Doppel-LPs) kommen in farbigen Vinyl und bedruckten Innersleeves sowie einem von der Band signierten 12 x 12 Artprint. 1. Olympian (White Vinyl) 2. Drawn To The Deep End (Maroon Vinyl) 3. Revelations (Green Vinyl) 4. Libertine (Pink Vinyl) 5. To See The Lights (Gold Vinyl)

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A1Haunted By You
A2Your Love, It Lies
A3Truth, Rest Your Head
A4A Car That Sped
B1London, Can You Wait?
B2To The City
B3Still Can't Find The Phone
B4Sleep Well Tonight
B6We'll Find Our Own Way

To See The Lights
A1Be My Light, Be My Guide
A2Sick, Sober & Sorry
A3Her Fifteen Years
A4Haunted By You (Live - Helter Shelter 6/7/95)
A5I Can't Decide If She Really Loves Me
B1To See The Lights
B2I Can't Help Myself
B3A Car That Sped (Radio 1 Session 1/2/95)
B4For The Dead (Version)
B5Sleep Well Tonight (Live - Forum 31/3/95)
C1How Much For Love
C2London, Can You Wait? (Radio 1 Session 18/5/94)
C3I Can't Help Myself (Radio 1 Session 18/5/94)
C4Child's Body
C5Don't Let Me Down (Radio 1 Session 1/2/95)
D1I Say A Little Prayer (Live - Glastonbury 25/6/95)
D2Do You Want To Hear It From Me
D3This Is Not My Crime
D4Olympian (Live - Forum 31/3/95)
D5Child's Body (Live - Forum 31/3/95)

Drawn To The Deep End
A1New Amusements
A2Fighting Fit
A3Where Are They Now?
B1Speak To Me Someone
B2We Could Be Kings
B3Why I Was Born
C1Long Sleeves For The Summer
C2Save Me, I'm Yours
C3Voice Of The Father
D1The Accidental
D2I Love You, What Are You?
D3Sub Rosa

A1As Good As It Gets
A2In Love With Love
A3Love Won't Work
A4The British Disease
A5Fill Her Up
A6Something In The Water
B2The Looker
B3Little Child
B5The Police Will Never Find You
B6You'll Never Walk Again

A1Does He Have A Name?
A2A Simple Request
A3Is It Over?
B1O Lover
B2Let Me Rest
C1We'll Get What We Deserve
C2Walking In The Shallows
C3Yours For The Taking
D2Spy In The Clubs
D3Somewhere In The World

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